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Advice and care

Taking care of your jewelry is important

Follow these simple instructions and ensure the longest possible life for your jewel.

Avoid spraying perfume or chemicals directly onto pearls.
Limit contact with chlorine from swimming pools or jacuzzis.
Wear pearls regularly to optimize luster.
If the pearl becomes dull, wiping it with a soft cloth is enough to restore its lustre and shine.

Leather jewelry

Water-resistant, your jewelry will become more beautiful over time.
and salt water will give your leather and pearls an even more natural and authentic look.
This is the best care we can recommend.

If you don’t wear your jewelry much, coat the leather with Shea butter or
Mono’i to soften it; these natural products will have the same effect as contact with your skin.

Our jewels are highly resistant, so they can be worn at every moment of the day without needing to be removed. They’ll become part of you, whatever your schedule, like a second skin.

However, should you wish to remove them, our clasp systems are safe and practical.

Our clasps

Pearl clasp: slide the pearl into the buckle, which has the same diameter as the pearl. This way, once the pearl has passed through the clasp, it’s impossible for the pearl to come out.

Sliding knot clasp: enlarge the jewel using the sliding knots, and slip it over your head, hand or ankle. Adjust by tightening the sliding knots.

Lobster clasp: classic system in rhodium-plated silver.

Bare back clasp: for certain necklaces, delicately sublimate your back with pearls and shells. You can also wear these treasures on the front. Each shell is unique, and we pick them up one by one on our beaches.

Choose the clasp that suits you best, to embellish your jewel and make it easy to use.

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