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Pearls and materials

Our pearls are cultivated in a pearl farm located on the Ahe atoll, in the Tuamotu archipelago.

When pearls are cultivated, the grafting stage must be carried out. This consists of introducing a nucleus and a graft inside the oyster, by making a small incision in the pearl bag. The nucleus is a foreign body in the oyster, and the graft is a part of the mantle taken from a donor oyster.

Only cultivated in Polynesian lagoons, the Tahitian pearl is formed in a fragile oyster, called Pinctada Margaritifera, found only in a few lagoons in the Pacific.

After a period of 45 days, the oyster either rejects or accepts the nucleus. When it accepts it, it produces a layer of nacre around the nucleus for 2 years, and we obtain a Tahitian pearl. For pearls larger than 11 mm, this period lasts 4 years. The whole process is carried out under water. Our pearls are certified by the Papeete pearl farming department; they have all been checked and have a minimum nacre thickness of 0.8 mm, which guarantees their durability.


From time to time, when the oyster rejects the nucleus, a Keshi is formed solely from the graft piece. Different from pearls, a Keshi is made of nacre only, and contains no foreign matter, as were the first ‘fine pearls’, once found in wild oysters.

These 100% natural treasures are unique and very original, with their irregular and twisted shape, and their intense and unique colour.

For a long time, Tahitian Keshis have been considered exceptional pieces of great beauty, and for some as good luck charms. No two Keshis are alike, which is what makes them so precious.

Tahitian pearl criteria

Tahitian pearls are varied and unique treasures. They are evaluated according to four criteria: their size, shape, luster and grade.

Their size generally varies between 7mm and 16mm, but some rarer pearls may exceed this range.

Their shape can be Round, Semi-round, Semi-baroque, Baroque or Hooped. Semi-baroque pearls are characterised by their teardrop shape, and Hooped pearls by their rings on the surface of the pearl, perpendicular to an axis of rotation.

Their brilliance is defined by the brightness and intensity of the pearl’s luster. The pearl’s reflections can be green, pink, golden, aubergine, blue, yellow… The shades are infinite and varied.

The pearls are classified into official grades, from A to D:

  • Grade A: 90% surface imperfections. Very good luster.
  • Grade B: 70% smooth surface. Minimum good luster.
  • Grade C: 40% smooth surface. Minimum average gloss.
  • Grade D: Average gloss, slight imperfections above 60%

Gold Filled

Gold Filled is the thickest and most durable form of gilding. It is an excellent quality plating technique, much thicker and stronger than ordinary gold plating. The amount of gold applied to the brass base is approximately 50 to 100 times greater than to gold plated. Gold, which can end up tarnishing or fading on gold plated, will be much more durable here: gold filled jewelry does not move over time. Gold Filled has practically the same characteristics as pure gold: contact with your skin and water (sea and shower) will have no harmful effect on this material.

 Gold Filled


In our creations, we combine pearls with semi-precious stones. Each stone is unique and embellishes your jewellery. Semi-precious stones are known for their virtues and properties. Our natural and genuine stones are obtained with unique expertise and care.


Our Turquoise stones come from the Kingman mines in Arizona. Grade AA, A or AB, they are stabilized. The design of this stone is unique, thanks to the environment in which it is formed; but this environment also gives this stone a fragility. It is a brittle and fragile stone. Most Turquoise on the market is stabilised, which means that it has undergone a hardness treatment and not a colour treatment. The stone is therefore natural. This treatment consists of enveloping the stone in resin to make it solid and non-friable.

Turquoise is considered by many to be a sacred stone. Indeed, it is worn against oneself to protect oneself. It drives out negative energies and converts them into positive ones. It also has virtues for your body such as a stimulation of your organs, and psychic virtues which can help you to fight against a bad sleep, against migraines or excesses.


Our Rhodochrosite stones are natural stones that come from Argentina. They are of exceptional quality, AA grade, and deep pink in colour.

Rhodochrosite is known as the stone of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Its virtues chase away stress and anxiety, and regulate emotions and feelings.

Lapis Lazuli

Our Lapis Lazuli stones come from Afghanistan. They are AB grade.
Lapis Lazuli is a stone known for boosting your self-confidence. It encourages you to take control of your life, and helps to reduce mental tension.


Our leather* is a strong, organic material. We use two different leathers, round leather 2mm wide, and kangaroo leather, 2 or 3mm wide.

The round leather

Round leather is leather that has been rolled and worked, it will not really relax but its colour and material will change over time. When you receive your jewellery, the leather will be slightly stiff and its colour will be either clear and matt for ‘Natural’ leather or shiny for ‘Black’ and ‘Chocolate’ leathers. Very quickly, wearing your jewellery will change its appearance: the leather will get used to and adapt to your body, to be as comfortable as possible, and so that you will feel it as little as possible.

The leather will gain a darker, matte, natural colour and its material will be much softer.

‘Natural’ leather is the most authentic and matte, it has not undergone any colour dyeing and has remained in its natural state and shade. Black’ and ‘chocolate’ leather have a slightly shinier appearance, due to their dyed coating.kangaroo leather is our most natural and authentic leather. Kangaroo leather is our most natural and authentic leather, known for its suppleness, extreme durability and original look. Whatever shade you choose, it will darken over time. Its final appearance after a few weeks of wear will be very natural and matt, due to its material and colour.

Kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather is our most natural and authentic leather. Renowned for its suppleness, it offers extreme strength and gives the jewel an original look. Whatever shade you choose, it will darken over time. The final appearance after a few weeks of wear will be very natural and matte, due to its material and colour.

*All our leather comes from recuperation, no animal is obviously killed for its leather.


Seashells, treasures of the sea, are beautiful ways to complete a piece of jewellery by adding a tropical touch and a touch of nature. Going on an adventure in search of shells is a good way to find these treasures and then make them into jewellery. Each shell is unique, each shell has a story and comes from a different beach in the world. Most of them have been chosen by us and collected directly from the Polynesian atolls.

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