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Our story

Hine Moana is a family adventure. In creating this brand, we wanted to transmit our love for our Polynesian islands through our creations.

The Hine Moana workshop

Born in Tahiti, Hine Moana, ‘girls of the ocean’ in Tahitian, showcases Tahitian pearls in a simple and authentic way. Inspired by a life marked by the rhythm of the waves and the feel of warm sand, lulled by the sound of the wind in the coconut trees, our goal has always been to bring the treasures of our island as close to us as possible.
Close to nature, this is how we started to create jewellery that represents us. It is therefore quite natural that the association of Tahitian pearls and leather, natural and authentic materials, imposed itself on us. Our creations mix different materials that combine and enhance each other.

Hine Moana is the result of a passion shared by our family and is an opportunity for us to transmit our family values and our simplicity of life through our creations.

Notre Histoire

Create and customize your jewel and make it a unique model that looks like you.

Our models combine expert knowledge adapted to the perfection of the Tahitian pearl, to obtain high quality jewellery that is nevertheless simple and authentic.

We are inspired by the treasures of the sea and the earth to create unique, pure and natural jewellery. Wear the sea on you, and never leave your jewellery. Leather is a comfortable and organic material, which will become one with your skin and will adapt perfectly to your body, like a second skin. We work with a variety of precious materials, which sublimate the Tahitian pearl.

Through our collections, we wish to transmit to you this spirit of escape and dream to make your jewel a precious and unique piece.

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Our jewellery collection

Original and unique jewellery created with genuine Tahitian Cultured Pearls for women, men or children.

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